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Abandoned Houses in Japan

Jan 13, 2022
These are all abandoned houses in Japan, known as “ghost houses’ or “Akiya”. It is estimate ...
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Most Northerly Property for sale in Canada

Jan 06, 2022
Here’s the most Northerly place currently for sale in Canada. It’s in Norman Wells, NWT, and they’ ...
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What is going on with this room?

Dec 23, 2021
And whose idea was it to have a rear projection TV high up on a beam?? 😆      
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Modern Castle for Sale

Dec 16, 2021
This modern castle in Michigan is for sale for $2,299,000USD. It’s 60 feet tall and nearly 11,000 square feet ...
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Dome house in Queensland, Australia

Dec 09, 2021
This unique house in Queensland, Australia, is currently for sale for $1,500,000 AUS (about $1,360,000 CAD). Each d ...
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Tahiti house for sale

Dec 02, 2021
I was looking up house prices in Tahiti, and found this listing for $1,206,799 USD. Beautiful place! ...
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Terrible Real Estate Photo

Nov 25, 2021
Now this is one terrible real estate photo; it burns my eyes!      
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Dr. Seuss House

Nov 18, 2021
This is the Dr. Seuss House aka The Goose Creek Tower, located in Alaska. Built by Phillip Weidner, a lawyer in Anc ...
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Doullot Steamboat Houses

Nov 11, 2021
These are the Doullot Steamboat Houses in New Orleans, built in 1905 and 1913, and constructed to look like steambo ...
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